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UMGA Team:

  • Pierana Randaoharison – Local Coordinator
  • Avisoa Randriamihangy
  • Blanchard Randrianambinina
  • Ella Andriamampiandra
  • Johns Tovohandraina
  • Lugie Harimalala
  • Patricia Ravelomahay
  • Rasoamihavana
  • Rija Andriamasinoro
  • Sylvia Angelina Fleur
  • Stéphanie Andriamiharisoa
  • Zoly Rakotomalala


The University of Mahajanga (UMG) is located in Mahajanga, the town of the Boeny region, it is the only university in this region which is is populated by approximately 931,000 inhabitants.

In 1977, a regional University Center was set up in each of Madagascar’s Six Provinces. The law of July 17, 1978, sets the general framework for the education and training system.

The six regional university centers formed the University of Madagascar.

In October 7, 1988, each of the six Regional University Centers were elevated to he status of an autonomous and independant University.

The University of Mahajanga (UMG) was born of this decentralization.

The UMG currently has 2 faculty, 5 institutes, 4 schools, 1 training and research unit, 1 regional Museum, and 3 doctoral schools. Our University offers to studens a wide choice of training and professionalization paths.

The Faculty of Medecine is one of the oldest in this University of Mahajanga. This faculty is made up of the School of Human Medicine and the Nursery School.

UMGA - Université de Mahajanga, Madagascar